May 25, 2006

So I Met Some Celebrity Parents Recently

In my recent travels, I've had the chance to meet some new parents who also happen to be celebrities. We chatted about babies, strollers, traveling with children, the blog, etc. Very nice.

Both times, I told them that now that I was a parent, I'd felt very ambivalent about posting paparazzi pictures of parents and their kids. And both times, they quickly replied that living in the paparazzi bubble can really suck sometimes. "It's like they're stealing your life," one said [and not in reference to not being paid for the photos, either.] Then today People Magazine announced they're doing a special Celebrity Babies issue, due out June 8. About the Jolie-Pitt baby, who hasn't been born yet, and thus, didn't make the issue, the People editor said not to worry, "When the baby's born, I'm pretty sure we're going to be on it." Well there's a load off my mind.

So I decided to cook up a poll of dt readers to gauge your sense of this whole celebrity parents thing. Please ignore for a moment the celebrity parent media freakshows like TomKat, Britney, Brangelina, etc., and then then take the poll here.

take the celebrity parentstalking poll, then view results

Or you can take it here, too.

As a daddytype [or mommytype, or parent-to-be] what do you think of paparazzi-style photos of celebrities and their kids going about their daily, non-red carpeted lives?

Check up to four that you generally agree with.

sucks to be them, it just ain't right.

sucks to be them, but after years of faithful Friends-watching, I feel entitled.

that must get really annoying. And the poor kid!

how annoying, but work's work, right?

annoying? deep down, I bet they love the attention [to every detail of their morning Starbuck's preferences.]

if they don't want to be photographed, they shouldn't go to Kitson/Fred Segal/'razzi hangouts.

if they don't want to be photographed, they shouldn't go to the park with such cute kids.

If they don't want to be photographed, they shouldn't go outside.

I don't really care about celebrity parents.

I don't either; I just look at the pictures.

I don't either; I just subscribe to People. And buy Us Weekly on the plane.

the real problem is the magazines and the whole celebrity-worhipping industrial complex.

the real problem is me, the celebrity-fascinated media consumer.

I don't care about Seal's strollers.

I don't care about Seal's Bugaboo.

I don't care about Seal's 2004 black Bugaboo Frog OR his EU-version Mountain Buggy Urban Double.

It makes me a better parent knowing that I have the same car seat as Christian Bale.

I would tip Christian Bale a dollar for his baby gear buying advice.

dude, seriously, celebrity parent info of any kind is whack.

whackity whack whack, I tell you.

It's so whack I'm choosing "whack" three times.

It is whack. But what do you think of the name Apple for a girl?


i don't care about Seal's stroller, but his AMG wagon is sweeeet.

[yeah, i decided to leave that off; didn't want to totally skew the results... -ed.]

i, uh, actually want to date britney spears. just in case she, uh, happens to be one of your mysterious celebrity buddies there.

i am pretty sure i could school kevin in a fight if it came to that, i'd start by confusing him with a question - "hey kevin - spell V8!" - then wham! ms spears and i'd be happy every after.

please don't ban me from your site.

[dude. -ed.]

I am a mom - not a dad - am I allowed to be here? If not sorry - just checking out your site. Looks great.

as for celebrity parents - they are not at the top of my pity list. If they don't want to be celebrities than quit - move to another country and don't take our money. Yes the kids are innocent and so they should be left alone, and I feel for them. But come on. Let's put our concern for the millions of parents that are struggling to feed or provide for their children and the starving, underprivileged kids of the world.

These celebrities have so much that they shouldn't complain. They chose their life. Now for those who get thrust into the public eye with no desire to be there - they I will feel for.

Oh - hate to rant. I am sorry - I really try not to rant - but I just don't think that they should be complaining about a choice they made. They sought fame and fortune.

I do sometimes wonder about the fairly healthy dose of celeb parenting stuff that is on here. I'm guessing that since your site demographic actually ends up being 50-60% female, there is a decent chunk of the readership that digs this stuff. Cuz you know the guys aren't clamoring to know what kind of stroller Bennifer has.

Not to stereotype too much or anything, I'm just sayin. You know.

please don't ban me either.

[lol, it turns out only 50-60% of celebrity survey respondents are female. Otherwise, i might as well just let Metrodad run away with the whole thing. -ed.]

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