May 25, 2006

NJ Woman Defies Blackout To Avoid Having NJ Baby

We knew we were going to have the kid in DC [where my wife's doctor was], not NYC, but we were in NYC regularly until a couple of weeks before the baby came. On the last trip, we half-joked about the kid being born in New Jersey--and then we sped across the state without stopping, just in case.

Reading about the thousands of commuters trapped by the rail blackout between Boston and DC this morning, I realized we weren't the only ones:

While passengers on a Manhattan-bound New Jersey Transit train stuck under the Hudson River were being transferred to a diesel-powered train, a pregnant woman began to have contractions. A rescue team from the New York Fire Department escorted her to the second train, which took passengers to Secaucus, N.J. But when it arrived there, the woman declined to be taken to a hospital and instead waited to ride another train into Manhattan...
Thousands Are Stuck as Trains in the Northeast Go Dark [nyt]

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Does being born in Princeton make up for some of the shame of having to always have a New Jersey birth certificate? That sounds at least a little better than admitting to a childhood spent in Trenton...Thank goodness the 'rents moved to PA when i was 10!

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