May 25, 2006

Daddy Types Invites You To Stalk Its Advertisers Right To Their Websites

An Academy Awards ceremonyful of thanks to the advertisers here on Daddy Types. They inspire me with their products and their money to continue honing my craft. If you're the Stella Adler of advertisers, Daddy Types wants to your Brando of daddyblogs. You could be a contender by clicking here for more info:

  • Javis Davis dazzles you with their custom crib bedding, which in turn protects your child's head from getting wedged in the government-mandated 2-3/8" gaps of your crib slats.
  • Sparkability , a leading online retailer of better things for kids, things like furniture, toys, and design objects from around the world.
  • Mimmo, purveyor of not just design for kids, but better design for kids.
  • The Shops at Celebrity Baby Blog, who offers an impressive selection of gift ideas and exclusive deals and promotions for a whole host of wonderful products that you could have received for free--if only you were richer and more famous.

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