May 23, 2006

Do You Know What An SSP Smash-Up Derby Set Is?

Then you'll be having some audio-induced flashbacks when you watch these toy commercials from the 70's.

Can't say I've ever played--or even heard of--The Masterpiece Game before--that's the one where you buy the world's great art at auction for $100,000. But if you just dropped $2k on an in-car DVD system, you won't want to know about the Screen-a-show projector [above], which apparently works just as well and probably only cost $7.99, including Sabrina, Archie AND the Hair Bears cassettes. Try and top that.

70's Toy Commercials [youtube via boingboing]


A friend of mine had that water sprinkler thing. The "game" was to not get smacked in the head or whipped across the legs. By Wham-O! (An obvious name.)

We had the Masterpiece one at home, I never knew what the game was about and used the pretty "pictures" and fake money for some made-up pretend play. I think my mom still has it, I should pass it along to our son. The smash derby cars were a hit when I was young, although I have to say the french translation for the advert' song was even more hilariously bad.

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