May 23, 2006

Apple Store, Fifth Avenue & 59th St - NO

Seriously, people, WTF is that about?

I say, until Apple gets its biznazz together and gets some changing tables going, change the kid on the nearest wide, flat, open surface in between the iPods, the MacBooks, the Hi-Fi's, anywhere.

[UPDATE: Anyone up for a diaper-changing flashmob? -ed.]


That's unfotunate. One of the Apple store's here in San Diego has a kid friendly area with Apple minis with kid software loaded set up on a kid sized table and little foam stools. Don't know if that's standard in Apple stores.

[I think it is. Seen it in 4-5 others, too. You can change your kid there if you need to. -ed.]

The story goes that Steve Jobs was pretty set in his ways about having this store designed exactly to his wishes.

If you take into account that Steve was also a deadbeat dad at the same time that he he was the richest 25 year old to ever exist on the planet, it might explain that he's never really had his daddy-type mindset engaged. Thus the concept of a changing area might not be the thing to preoccupy hi.

[all the more reason to stage a good old-fashioned diaper-changing flashmob. Anyone game?- ed.]

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