May 22, 2006

Boob Nazis Get LiveJournal Abuse Team All Hot & Bothered


Valleywag reports that a breastfeeding advocacy group blog on LiveJournal was told by the LJ Abuse Team that their userpic [above] was "inappropriate" and that they must discontinue it or face blog-suspension.

The Boob Nazis [their name] fired back, that the photo of "the single most natural act between a mother and child" is neither graphic nor sexual. [Unless, of course, you're a hall monitor on LiveJournal and this picture is the closest you've ever been to a breast since your own nursing days.]

That said, if the Boob Nazis need a different breastfeeding mom pic, I have a suggestion...


"Boob Nazi" breastfeeders battle LiveJournal abuse team [valleywag via dt reader buck]


There's a lot more information on this story and the LJ abuse team here:

Funny thing is, that exact "boob" picture graces the cover of the "Canadian Medical Association (how straight and proper can you get?!) COMPLETE BOOK OF MOTHER AND BABY CARE" (published by Reader's Digest). Check it out:

What ridiculous puritan creeps!

[oh. the other one. I thought you meant Uma. -ed.]

You might also be interested in this petition, about Six Apart and LJ Abuse:

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