May 17, 2006

Little Mac Has His Father's Nose


This McDonald's ad from India totally weirds me out. I am definitely swearing off the golden arches for me and the kid for. ever.

Unless they have those cherry pies with the uncommonly flaky crusts like the ones at the Mahoning County rest stop on the Ohio Turnpike, just across the PA border. Those were tasty. Almost as tasty as the pumpkin pies. Or the holiday custard pies. Or the classic bubble-crusted fried pies that you can still get outside the US [for the most part. ahem.] And then there's those mincemeat/custard pies they had that time in London, who'da thought those'd be any good? And there's the McRib, of course...

McDonaldĺ─˘s births a creepy Baby Ronald [adweek via dt reader kaz]


dear god! that image is more than troubling, as is your international knowledge of mickey D's pies.

thanks a pantload. now i'm going to be creeped out ALL DAY.

Someone's a marketing genius... i'll be thinking about McDonalds all day long now and probably screaming tonight from a dream with that infant saying... "Do you want fries with that... daadddddddyyyyyyyyyy"

Any word on the mother?

this is disturbing.........
in a cute way
but who would do this to a baby?

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