May 17, 2006

A First: Brooklyn Model Townhouse Has A Nursery

blockparty_floorplan.jpgWhat the baby boom? What pre-school crunch? If all you had to go by was them decorator showhouses that constitute the official sport on the Upper East Side, you wouldn't know a baby'd been born in NYC in a hundred years. Even today, no decorator or decorator show house coordinator could be bothered to tackle a nursery.

And that, my friends, is the difference between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The BlockParty is not technically a decorator showhouse, true, it's a glorified model home for a 14 townhouse development by the firm Rogers Marvel [called, duh, 14 Townhouses]. And there aren't actually decorators, just "curators," who have filled the house--including a nursery--with art and design from Brooklyn.

The complete list of nursery contributors is on the website, but it includes a couple of familiar pieces: Argington's toddler bed [below] and Fuji toybox are there, but it's not clear if it's the original birch or the newly introduced walnut finish. Also, Iglooplay's Tea Pods, biomorphic foam and wood table/seating thingies are in, too, but not [it seems] their ,sweet molded ply Mod Rocker, which is my favorite piece they've done so far.


Anyway, the whole show kicks off this weekend in conjunction with ICFF, and as soon as photos turn up, I'll post them here. [Or if you have or see any, definitely send them along, or tag them with daddytypes and upload them to flickr.]

blockpartybrooklyn and 14townhouses
Argington & Iglooplay


LOVE that toddler bed.

[and quite a value at $395 -ed.]

LOVE that mod rocker!

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