May 12, 2006

Thanks To The Advertisers Who Get Our Kids Into Harvard

A big shoutout to the advertisers this week on Daddy Types, who all--now this was the buzz on the floor of the JPMA convention--who all guarantee early decision acceptance for your child at the Ivy League university of his choice or your money back. Ask for details and hold onto that receipt:

  • Javis Davis, improving your child's educational prospects through custom crib bedding.
  • Sparkability, fasttracking your child to Harvard through cool modern design.
  • Joy Jewelers, who probably can't help your sorry, procrastinating butt by delivering Mother's Day jewelry in time, but who can still help with a larger, guilt/forgiveness purchase delivered next week.
  • Kindermusik, whose "music and movement classes help your child laugh and learn." And get into Harvard.

    If your company, product, or service helps our children get into Harvard, maybe you should advertise on daddytypes. Email or click here for more info.

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