May 11, 2006

Whoa. Unidentified Red Sox Fan Drives...A Gecko??


I have to admit, on the rare occasions when I see a Gecko in the wild, its clean, simple lines and understated, old-school color scheme really stands apart from the pack. I have to say, I like it.

And apparently, this coffee-swilling Red Sox cap-wearing dad does, too. [via]

Previously: not-so-unidentified man drives a Cameleon


Hey Greg, what's with the Daddy types pushing-one-handed-off-to-the-side thing? I very rarely see Mommy types pushing strollers like this. Your thoughts?

[it must be the length of our, um, strides. -ed.]

maybe I'm missing something (excuse me, I've been sick) but isnt that Ben Affleck? ...I mean, the coffee sort of gives it away...

A bugaboo in every port -- great if you can afford it. Saves lugging it through airports (I am assuming the cameleon and gecko were photographed in different cities...).

I have to admit though, I still prefer the frog. The gecko is missing the crossbar, which is a problem when you put on the rainhood -- the kid gets a bit claustrophobic in there (at least ours does) without it. Plus, I like the black rubbery stuff in the seat/bassinet frame on the frog & cameleon.

Now about the colours -- I agree that black and red are the best colours -- along with the aluminum grey, which we bought. When we were in NYC last year, I saw more aubergine froggies than grey ones (I saw no grey ones apart from ours). The grey is sort of cool, and tech-like; it contrasts brilliantly with the bugaboo special edition sheepskin seat cover in dk brown/black that we got. The high-tech versus primitive looks particularly cool.

That said, I am contemplating getting another set of froggy covers for babe #2 -- either black (which I think makes the baby "pop", as well as all the stroller toys and blankets) or red, which is jaunty, cheery (even a bit silly, in a good way) and makes the froggy itself look its best. Which to get?

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