May 11, 2006

Apparently They Can Give Them Away. To Women.

You have until May 22nd to register for Savvy Mommy's giveaway of a Stokke Xplory. Whether you enter the contest in your baby momma's name or using one of your female personas on AOL is totally up to you. Because from the sound of things, it's a chicks-only party.

Win a Stokke Xplory! [savvymommy via celebrity baby blog]

[2016 update lmao they grow up so fast, and then die and turn into clickfarm zombie sites. the links for this are so dead and zombified I removed them.


Hmmm -- doesn't look female-only to me. ("Savvy Mommy" apparently is the title of the woman who runs the website, not an entrance requirement.) Did I miss something?

[my joke, I guess. But they didn't even mention Russell Crowe or Seal... -ed.]

Dads are welcome to enter any of the contests on the site. Although, I doubt there will be a mad rush for the nursing bras and vacuum cleaners. :)
And there's need to use your female AOL persona. -- Savvy Mommy

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