May 10, 2006

More JPMA Swag: ducduc & Skip*hop


From the posting so far, all I did at JPMA was go around and mooch stuff off of people who might prefer that I write favorable things about their company and their product. The only way I can prove this is not true is by pointing out that in fact, the quality and coolness of JPMA swag is generally far, far below that of electronics and gaming conventions like E^3 or CES.

But since ducduc founder Philip Erdoes is a seasoned VC guy, and Skip*Hop's Michael Diamant has some dotcom startups under his belt, they clearly know from good swag.

Skip*Hop jelly beans in these little baby food-sized jars were color coordinated with their booth and their new line of countertop molded plastic gear--which includes a baby food jar organizer.

Meanwhile, ducduc's t-shirts had "quack head," and "quack baby" printed on the back, mildly funny puns which nonetheless demonstrated more edge than the entire rest of the exhibitors combined. Still, there's a line somewhere that even ducduc did not to cross when they decided not to call their sippy cup a "quack vial." Go figure.


oops - you must have missed the free boxes of scented diaper bags - nice treat for my seatmate on the airplane, when I opened to inspect.

quack is whack, yo.

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