May 9, 2006

I Went To JPMA, And All I Got...


...well, I got a bit more than this, but this standard-issue tote bag [which turned out to be handy for filling with swag and press kits] was also a promotion for some of the baby mags that so assiduously ignore dads 11 months out of the year.

So I took a fat Sharpie and a stencil to it and decided to repruhzent a bit by making this piece of guerilla swag. Dorky, I know, but, it worked, because several readers came up to say hi who'd spotted the bag from afar.

And fortunately, a teenager sat in front of me on the plane wearing a pirate do-rag equipped with Goofy ears and carefully arranging his collection of Epcot flair along the length of his Epcot lanyard, so I left Florida confident at not being the BIGGEST dork the state's ever seen.

1 Comment

The bag definitely stood out - but not quite as much as your Old Milwaukee Beer Hat did.

[can't take credit for that one, though; I picked that one up at the Avent booth. -ed.]

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