May 9, 2006

Adam Sandler & Mark-Paul Gosselaar Pull A Kobe & Shaq

Never mind that they haven't done a project together before; Adam Sandler and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are the Big Daddies of Comedy in our hearts.

And they both became fathers to baby girls Sunday, which is so funny, because I was chatting at the JPMA convention Sunday with someone who'd gifted some product to the Sandlers, and we were saying how, "Aren't they due like any minute?" It is such a small world, isn't it??

But this is great in so many other ways, too, not just for product placement. I mean, Commander in Chief just got cancelled, so now Gosselaar's got time to help with the whole "EBB, Everything But Breastfeeding" thing.

AND Adam's got a movie coming out where--crazy coincidence or stroke of PR genius, right? right?--he's playing a dad! So now he can scramble all over the world doing press for the film while babbling on about how he calls his little ladies "about a billion times a day." It's win-win-win-win!

Click, starring Adam Sandler, opens in theaters nationwide on June 23. [sony pictures]
Ava Lorenn, btw: Lisa and Mark-Paul Gosselaar have a girl [people]
"Kid is healthy! Wife is healthy!" but otherwise, no name []

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I don't know if anyone notice, but seems like everybody's getting a girl these days, where are all the baby boys?

A mother of a 6 week old girl herself,

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