May 4, 2006

OK, I Am Totally Cool With Frilly Pink Outfits. This Time

The NYT has a story and an audio slide show about a ballet class in Queens for little girls with cerebral palsy. It was founded a few years ago by Joann Ferrara, a physical therapist with Associated Therapies, who paired up some of her young patients and with teenage volunteers who spot them and help them do the moves.

There is much waving of wands, makeup on 3-year-olds, and frilly pink nonsense, but for some reason, I'm ok with that.

Given a Chance to Be Little Ballerinas, and Smiling Right Down to Their Toes [nyt]


I'm a little faklempt right now...that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard of. Bravo to those little dancers!

Darnit, now you've made me cry at work.

I have to agree, it's hard to be annoyed by all the pink frilliness (is that a word?) in this case, they are so very, very precious! What a beautiful story :O)

Thank you for sharing!

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