May 2, 2006

Rich Dick

Just goes to show, money can't buy class. Here's a blind item that Gawker pulled from today's NY Post:

Which billionaire buyout buccaneer called his 3-year-old son to the dinner table the other night and had him repeat to the guests a phrase he had taught the toddler: I want to [bleep] you up the [bleep]? The 23-year-old nanny complained to the boys mother, who told her to get over it, and the nanny quit on the spot.
They're taking comments, not on who the buyout buc is, but on what the kid said.

My personal favorite so far: "I want to demand you up the nanny's responsibilties."

Variation on the blind item guessing game [gawker]


I want to demand you up the percentage

I want to set you up the bomb.

I want to blog you up the flickr.

[i think i have a new favorite. -ed.]

well, all kidding aside, this is is why your kid and mine will be reading the 2020 equivalent of blogs while this kid is making gazillions like his daddy did: trained at an early age to KILL KILL KILL.

The [bleep]ed shall inherit the earth....

[there's a difference between making and inheriting. In completely unrelated news, I'm sure, did you know that Knight Ridder newspapers were recently bought out by Pittsburgh Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy's family's company? -ed.]

kudos to the nanny for quitting on the spot!! i would have done the same thing.

i want to "go back to sleep since i had to get up to feed her while" you up "the alarm clock and watch the kid so i can sleep as late as i want to." can you tell there's a 3 month old at my house?

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