May 2, 2006

PlaySam iCar: An "Homage To Apple"


How'd I miss this? The sweet Streamliner car from PlaySam was released in a special edition called the iCar, a white/silver combination that's meant as "an homage to..." to Apple, of course. Given the presence of the now-discontinued iPod Mini in the photos, I'm guessing this was a 2004/2005 introduction, so you might want to email to confirm availablility.

We got the kid a PlaySam Streamliner for her first Christmas, and it's great. Gorgeous, well made, fun. We opted to get one with little people in it, but we then hid the people until recently so she wouldnt' choke on them. Now she drives them around in it all the time, calling the figures, variously, Mommy & Baby and Ddddy & Baby. She's very big on modeling the parent-child thing right now.

iCar from PlaySam, a Streamliner Classic special edition, $41 plus int'l shipping from the corporate site []
Oh. Can you say 'iPod Hype Effect?" Sparkability has it for $39. It's called a Streamliner, White. [sparkability]
Previous PlaySam on DT [alas, both the rocking Saab and the rocking chicken seem to be retired.]


Crud. I appear to be slacking as the resident Apple rah-rah guy...

Found it for $31.60 here.

[it's like name that tune around here. -ed.]

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