May 2, 2006

Men Besides Tony Randall Have Biological Clock After All. [And He's Dead.]

After so many centuries living next to the French, you'd figure the British would have managed to deal with their sense of inadequacy in the wooing and babymaking department, but nooo.

A study into the causes of the UK's dropping birthrate looked at French fertility clinics, and found that men have biological clocks, too. The chances of conception dropped significantly when the man was over 40.

The study showed that a woman younger than 30 was 25% less likely to conceive if her male partner was 40 or older than if he was of similar age. And if the woman was 35 to 37, she was twice as likely not to conceive as to have a successful pregnancy if her partner was 40 or older.
Another finding of the study surprised absolutely no one: French women over 37 don't date any men over 22.

Men should plan on parenthood by 40, new research reveals [guardian]


Sort of related....I read somewhere that when fathers are 7 or more years older than the mother, first-born children are more likely to be male (2:1 ratio). If men are younger it's the reverse I think.

And fathering a child at 50 or older is related to an increased risk in children for the development of disorders such as schizophrenia.

might one suggest that fathering a child at 50 or older is associated with an increase in mental illness in the parents also.

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