May 2, 2006

Advertisers So Cute, You Just Want To Eat Them Up

So far, I'm liking the idea of featuring only a couple of advertisers at a time on Daddy Types, especially when they're SO CUTE. Let me pinch the rosy cheeks of the site's advertisers this week:

  • Javis Davis, whose exclusive Design Studio, a custom baby bedding online configurator system was only assumed to be "so easy even a dad can do it!" [While the Javis Davis folks explained they said that with a dash of playful sarcasm--guys love sarcasm, right?--they also pointed out that in all their years, only "like five dads" had ever even gotten out of the car for the bedding purchase. Until now.] Actually, the configurator's being tested at the moment, but keep checking back.
  • Joy Jewelers, who's still got your back for Mother's Day, you know, and offers a wide selection of custom Mother's Rings and jewelry with designs and stones that are at once beautiful and deeply symbolic in some way.
  • Kool Roomz, who offer loft dwellers and house dwellers alike a wide range nursery furnishing, all kool. [note; NOT affiliated in any way with Sheen Kidz. And for the record, they had the 'z' first.]
  • Sparkability, who purveys a wide range of modern products for modern parents and modern kids living better, modern lives, only a few of which pay homage to the iPod. That's the Ooba Bassinet in their ad right there. I've seen it in person, and it is a fine piece of work.

    If you're a company dads should know about, and you're looking for ads that really labor and deliver, click here, or email for more info.

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    Javis Davis is a great company. My wife had found Javis Davis on the web last year when she was decorating the nursery. They sent us a bunch of swatches we had requested. We bought the crib bumper, pillows and other stuff. Everything is very well crafted. Had to give a shout out to them.

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