April 30, 2006

Dutch Dayeinu: Get This Man A Book Deal


If he had only quoted Madonna while pointing out that 99.9% of celebrity children's books, in fact, totally suck, it would be enough.

If he had only pointed out that, in fact, Billy Joel's book for children, the sickeningly sappy Goodnight My Angel: A Lullaby is the suckingest of them all, it would be enough.

If he only ran the numbers to show that, since Goodnight My Angel was written in 1977, it's entirely possible for his in-laws to have read the book to his current wife, who's 24 years old, it would be enough.

If he had only created a hilarious, fully illustrated version of the celebrity children's book he wants to see, A Horse Named Paul Revere by The Beastie Boys, it would be enough.

If he only then uploaded the whole thing to flickr, in 1280x1054 format suitable for printing as an actual, honest-to-goodness book, well, it is just too much.


The children's books you wish celebrities would write [sweetjuniper]
A Horse Called Paul Revere photoset [flickr]
The whole Dayeinu thing passing you by? You have almost one year to meet a Jew and get invited to a Passover Seder, then. Hop to. [wikipedia]



So I wonder when the Sir MixALot book is going be released?

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