April 27, 2006

Run, Lola, Run! Charlie Sheen Debuts Kids Clothing Line At Kitson

Well it just goes to show you, you can't put a restraining order on celebrity-inspired children's fashion!

Sheen Kidz, Charlie Sheen's line of clothing for girls, inspired, so the story goes, by his own two daughters, are now available at Kitson.

Sheen Kallz, his collection of transcripts of obscenity-laden voicemail messges he left for his baby momma and soon-to-be ex-wife Denise Richards, are now available at The Smoking Gun.

Sheen Launches Clothing Line [via goldenfiddle]

1 Comment

Nothing too constructive to add, just wanted to say that the Sheen Kallz bit cracked me up. Good times.

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