April 27, 2006

It's Norwegian For: DIY Kid's Chair


From pushing Mutsys in Mallorca to making their kids furniture, Norwegian dads are leaving the rest of us in the dirt on the hands-on parenting front.

Parenthacks points to handy Norwegian commoner Eirik, who gives a step-by-step howto for making this sweet little chair.

Granted, he does leave off "sand it," and considering how many months of grief I've gotten from trying to get the wheels right on the kid's Mini-boo, his offhand explanation for the "I put some wheels on it, see?" step is pretty maddening. But I guess that's why they're the Norwegian dads, and I'm the dumb American.

How to make a cool chair for your kids [eirikso.com via parenthacks]

1 Comment

Yes. I know. The part about the wheels is not much of a tutorial. However, comments on the post are open and questions will be answered! :-)

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