April 26, 2006

Mutsy: Hold The Mutsaert


In accordance with the will of HRH Haakon Magnus Crown Prince of Norway, who recently used the same hands that will one day hold the sceptre of power over that Nordic land to push a Mutsy Urban Rider across the sands of Mallorca, we are celebrating Mutsy Week here at Daddy Types.

Today: Mutsy in history. Apparently, Mutsy wasn't always called by such an immediately chic and hip name. No, when the company was founded in 1935, it was called Mutsaert. Which, for all I know, is pronounced basically the same.

What does this mean for the modern stroller buyer? It means if you take your eyes off that hefty Urban Rider coming at you on the street, you'll get mowed over by a rig whose predecessors were built like battleships and weighed 150 lbs. So watch out.

It's not clear to me when/if the name actually changed. Dutch online marketplaces like Markplaats.nl list quite a few big old prams and grocery cart-style strollers. Like the model pictured here, which hails from the reign of Haakon's grandfather, Olav V King of Norway [or 1961, if you want to get specific].

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