April 26, 2006

Heads Up, Another Precocious Safran Foer Has Entered The World

The Safran Foers, are like the thinking man's Wayans Brothers: sure, they're entertaining, but every time you turn around, it seems like there's another one turned up. That said, congratulations to writer-Safran Foer, Jonathan, who just became dad to Sasha a couple of months ago.

But who's still managing a bit of the touring/reading/bookflogging thing, which was no doubt the occasion for this interview with Boston's Weekly Dig:

[My son] gives me a whole new set of emotions to use. Before, I was still somebody who was a care-recipient in the world. And now Im a care-giver. Its totally different. Its the first time Ive experienced love as not a good thing, or not necessarily a good thing. Also, how do you explain loving something that doesnt love you? My kid doesnt love me. Its the greatest unrequited love story of all time, having a kid.

Extremely loud and incredibly stinky: The celebrated author faces fatherhood
[weeklydig.com via dt reader phil]
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I should go soon. Its bath time tonight.

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