April 26, 2006

Deep Thoughts About Denali Manhattan

Whew. For a second, the thoughts of all these Salon contributors selling out and going bourgeois in Brooklyn brownstones had me worried.

But then I read Molly Jong-Fast's article about how all the moms in Manhattan just can't live without their driver-equipped Denalis--because "normal wagons dont really do more than two car seats," at least if you're being driven, and let's face it, can you think of anything crazier than driving yourself and your kids around Manhattan in an SUV??

See, because Jong-Fast is a contributor to Mommy Wars. And now balance is restored to the world.

Denali Denial: Hey, Rich Kids, Take a Cab! [observer]
Cuz you keep it real like that: car services in NYC with car seats


Me and my kid take the train or walk, since he was littttle.

Walked past a woman on park ave talking loudly to friend that they just didn't know "where they would put the baby, sure we have a 3-bedroom"...that probably cost more than most mansions in other areas.

sorry rich poor mommy gap got me down this week, had to comment:D

Please refer to my previous statements on this subject.

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