April 26, 2006

Deep Thoughts About Brooklyn Brownstones at the Maybe Baby Book Party

A child-free renter from Manhattan reports from the book party for Salon's new anthology, Maybe Baby. As with so many things in NYC, it's really all about the real estate. And as with so many things in parenting and publishing, it's really all about women. There were only like two guys at the whole party:

The party was hosted by Elle editor Laurie Abraham, a contributor, and her husband, a lawyer, whose two small daughters could be glimpsed tangled around their parentsĺ─˘ legs throughout the evening. ĺ─˙I hope this starts a trend of book parties in Brooklyn,ĺ─¨ said Lori Leibovich, 35, the editor of Maybe Baby and a friend of this reporterĺ─˘s who works at Salon, thanking them for having the event in this ĺ─˙beautiful brownstone.ĺ─¨

And the brownstone was beautiful. In Brooklyn, it might actually be a faux pas to forget to call a brownstone beautiful, to neglect to recognize this life achievement. Everyone at the party recognized it, their faces twisted in paroxysms of admiration and financial calculation: When did they buy it? How long into the Brooklyn gentrification process? Seven years ago? What was I doing seven years ago? Whereĺ─˘s the bar?

(The bar was in the playroom. Kids too! When did they ĺ─Â. )

Because this is what happens when New Yorkers enter a Brooklyn brownstone: Their lives pass before them.
Twee Grows In Brooklyn [observer.com]

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