April 25, 2006

The Nap Giveth, And The Nap Taketh Away

And here we thought a 3.5 hour nap yesterday was just an isolated occurrence, a gift, even, to allow us to get a little work done, to rest...

At least that's what we thought until 3AM, when the kid was wide awake, jabbering away in her bed, where she had already wrapped up each of her toys in its own little flannel burp cloth and lined them up like so many enchiladas.

She stayed awake, asking for milk in bed [which we don't do] and water in bed [which we do, in a pinch], and then just chatting and cooing away for another hour+.

And now, she's still asleep, an hour+ after her normal wakeup time. The Nap has its own rules, it turns out, and it's just for us to discover them. And ignore them at our peril.


We've been dealing with sleep issues, too. Lately, she'll go down fine, but then between 12:30am and 3am, she'll wake up, we'll give her 10-15 minutes to get herself back to sleep (yeah, Ferber), doesn't work, we go in, she goes to sleep, 5-30 minutes later, she's back up.

Magically, it just works around 3am. Then, she sleeps waaay past her usual wakeup time (6:30am or so), and we wind up waking her up because one or both of us needs to go to work.


Wake her up. She will probably be cranky, but better the afternoon than the middle of the night.

[i know, but the afternoon time was so quiet, we were seduced. duped. tricked. -ed.]

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