April 25, 2006

Mutsy Mutsy Spider Is Waiting To Come Out

mutsy_spider.jpgIn accordance with the wishes of HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, who demonstrated for the whole world the proper way to push a Mutsy Urban Rider across the sands of Mallorca in sweater season [although if you think about it, it's still warmer than April in Oslo], Mutsy Week continues at Daddy Types.

Today, we look at the crowds eagerly awaiting the appearance of the newest member of the Mutsy family, the Mutsy Spider. as DT reader Ana pointed out in the comments, the Mutsy is an answer, it seems to the three-wheeled, stylish-looking, tiny-folding, but non-reclining and storage-poor Quinny Zapp.

According to Baby Style [the British one, that is], the Spider is "a revolution in design technology with all the benefits of a lightweight buggy," plus a reclining seat and an under-seat storage space web [heh]. It supposedly folds down "into an incredibly compact unit," which makes it handy--a "must have," actually--"for travel abroad." [Is it just me, or does the phrase "must-have" raise the hackles on your skeptical consumerist neck, too?] It comes with a Maclaren Quest-looking canopy, but I like the stark detail that's visible in this image of the topless green model. [One the Zapp marketers did well was to emphasize its looks and size in images without the canopy. A big reason I don't have a Zapp today is because I didn't anticipate how the rig's bulk/presence would change with a canopy until I saw it in person. Although I guess feeling duped by marketing so much that I didn't buy the product probably shouldn't count as marketing success...]

With a hinted-at grey market price of $US499, the only real must-have is plenty of space on your Visa for what amounts to a second or third stroller.

Strollersandprams.com says the Spider is coming in "April 2006"! While Pramsonline says "April/May 2006." Since it's the end of April, and there's not a Spider to be preordered anywhere, all my only advice is to check for it after the sun dries up all the rain.


Nice. But waaay too pricey as you pointed out for a second stroller.

It looks like it got ejected from a Bond vehicle. Does it come with a parachute?

Interesting, but I don't see anything making it worth twice as much as a Zapp. Also doesn't look like the handles fold together, which kind of limits how compact it can be. Frustrating, because the Zapp could be so much better with not much effort.

Has anyone test drove one yet? I used a friend's Zapp last summer in the UK, and the thing that bothered me to no end was that the wheels seemed to be made of plastic rather than rubber, which rattled the Kid's teeth out of her head and gave me carpal tunnel. From the pic, it looks like this might be better on the Spider? Can anyone compare the fold-up size (my friend got the Zapp because it folds up small enough to go in the overhead bin on a plane - she travels a lot from the UK to her parents in Holland)?

According to Erwin @ Babycare, who will be selling this stroller, the fold is larger than the Zapp & probably won't fit in a overhead bin. The stroller should be available some time in May, unless the release date is pushed back again.

Yippeee, I now have Spider and it was worth the wait. Million times nicer looking the Zapp.


Please expand this comment. I have the urban rider and was thinking about getting a spider and the car seat that is supposed to mount in it. I now hear no carseat actually fits it right now and that it is quit alot bigger that a zapp when folded.

Any thoughts. I can get a brand new Zapp for $159 canadian at Sears.ca


I have the Urban Rider (beige cord) and I love it. I have no experience with car seat as my daughter is past that stage. My friend has a Zapp and her little one has managed to tip it over twice whilst in a paddy (if there is anything near him he kicks it and tips backwards)!! I can give you the number of the lady who sold me mine (she has one left). I feel that the Spider is alot more comfortable than the Zapp for my daughter and there is a small storage basket. It suits me better as the zapp is very popular at least the Spider like the Urban Rider is not everywhere you go.

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