April 24, 2006

Satellite Sister: "That's A TERRIBLE Story!"

Jason's link to this collection of terrible news segues at McSweeney's reminded me of being on The Satellite Sisters, where my interview about men's room changing tables was preceded by a discussion of a rash of racially motivated murders in Russia. Here's the transcript, just in case, you know, you somehow missed the show that day...

Julie: I mean, there is this very strong cell of ultra-nationalists, and you know, maybe 5,000, 10,000 of these people--

Lian: Wow.

Julie: --in Moscow, in St. Petersburg--who are really targetting--foreign students.

Lian: I mean, Julie, to state the obvious, Russia has no natural African population;

Julie: No, it's not-- no.

Lian: There's not a lot of people of color in Russia, so they really stand out.

Other Sister: That's a terrible story.

Lian: But we're going to totally switch gears now, and we're going to go to a story about a dad who is doing something about changing tables.

[cue music]

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