April 24, 2006

Intellicot: You Still Have To Feed The Kid Yourself

intellicot.jpgThe Cencio Intellicot solves all the problems of previous generations of cots, or as we call them here, cribs:

Because rocking puts the kid to sleep, the whole bed rocks.

Because you'll be lifting your kid in and out of bed "during the first few years [sic]," the bed raises up to prevent back pain.

Because it's never too early to start acclimating a Brit to constant, ubiquitous video surveillance, there's a built-in camera/monitor/thermometer.

And because children can overheat when they're kept in a fully enclosed plastic box, there's an air circulation system.

Brilliant! The Intellicot was created by four enterprising young design students, who graduated from the prestigious Overengineering Program at Coventry University. They are currently seeking financial backing to turn their innovation-filled concept into a marketable product. Good luck, lads!

Intellicot [via dt reader nicole]

Previously: inventing the rocking crib. Again. And again. And again. And again.


Looks like a fancy-shamacy minimum-security infant jail cell.

[David Netto: The Oz Collection. -ed.]

Because it's never too early to start acclimating a Brit to the disgusting smells of Heathrow Airport, I understand that a diaper disposal unit is not offered on the Cencio Intellicot.

[I think you just leave them in the bottom drawer for that. -ed.]

That looks like Wonkavision. Strange!

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