April 24, 2006

Crown Prince Haakon Of Norway Drives A Mutsy!!

mutsy_urban_rider_double.jpgI get emails from time to time asking why there isn't more info on DT about Mutsy strollers. After all, the emails go, Mutsy is Dutch, like Bugaboo. And they make fine-looking, rugged all-terrain strollers like Bugaboo. And they're flexible and convertible from bassinet to forward- or rear-facing seat modes like Bugaboo. So how much is Bugaboo paying you to keep quiet about this domestic competition, eh?

Well, for the record, Lord knows I try, but Bugaboo doesn't pay me anything. I waited to post anything until I could check out the Mutsy Urban Rider in person, and I posted some first impressions then. Basically, it seemed fine, but too wide and big, several inches wider than the Cameleon, which was itself bigger than the Frog.

That said, there are things like the independent turning rear axle, the luggage cart mode, and the totally viable dual seat option that are pretty much unique in the single stroller-rollin' world.


But the real reason I didn't post much about it only became clear to me a few minutes ago. I didn't realize it, but deep down, I was waiting to see if Crown Prince Haakon of Norway was ever going to turn up driving a Mutsy across the beaches of Mallorca.

And so it is that, by Royal decree of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway, this week shall be known as Mutsy Week on Daddy Types. And if there be any among ye who have a firsthand experience with the Mutsy, let him hereby proclaim it in the comments or via email.

And if ye were to share your comparison shopping processes, or photos of your own little princes in their Mutsys, we would surely be amused.

Parent Haakon:
Jornada playera de Haakon, Mette Marit y Rosario Nadal
[ultimohora.es via cbb, who's got a million of 'em]
Mutsy Urban Rider [mutsy.nl]


Hiya ,I had a Mutsy ..briefly !

It was the urban ryder model in gorgeous duck egg blue with brown leather trim it looked superb but i`m afraid looks were all it had going for it in my opinion .

I`m a serious pramaholic and had lusted after it for ages only to be disappointed ,the seat was much too small for my small 18 month old , her head touched the hood and she looked crammed into it ,it was VERY heavy and bulky when folded and the steering was just plain weird ?

I was gutted and sold it on ebay after only a week !

Guess what I have instead , yup you guessed it a bugaboo cameleon , canna fault it !

link to mutsy spider

Looks like a hybrid between zapp and buzz

I've got a beloved mutsy urban rider in red, or is it sport? My little monster loves it. He's a very tall, off the charts 16 month old and yes, the lid is a bit tight on him. The swivel wheels are a must if you're driving anywhere but far right field of a baseball diamond. I'll come back and post photos. Hands down, best idea ever in any stroller, the fun seat. The best money I've ever spent, he sits in it forever longer than before. And it looks hot. People are constantly stopping me on the street, fun seat or not, and asking about what it is and where I got it. I love to answer that I had to import from London, it keeps my sole mutsy owner status in the neighborhood safe.

The above mentioned "fun seat". It is indeed, very very fun. Please excuse the little foot rest on the mutsy that is folded up.

A side shot of the stylings of a mutsy. The other poor child rides in a Graco. I think she was trying to figure out how to hotwire the Mutsy.

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