April 23, 2006

Maker Faire 2006: Most flickr'd Event EVAR

Popping Balloon
Originally uploaded by Bob Lee.
The subtitle of Make Magazine's first gathering of DIY'ers and technogeeks, the Maker Faire 2006 should have been "flickr powerusers unleashed." The booths are barely being broken down, and there are already almost 1400 photos with a "makerfaire2006" tag.

Anyway, it looks like there was a lot of Making for kids--and grups [sic]--but surprisingly little for littler kids. Unless you count the DIY high-speed photos of balloon popping in the Make Your Baby Cry booth.

Bob Lee put the daddytypes tag on his photo of the split second before his focused-but-placid daughter let out a piercing shriek [I'm guessing. If only they'd calibrated the camera to get the kid instead of the balloon. Kinda like this one.]

1 Comment

I honestly thought that was a picture of Rick Schroder. Quite the resemblance.

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