April 21, 2006

What Were You Afraid Of?

Were you afraid of becoming a dad? Of being in the delivery room? Of changing a diaper? Of dropping the kid on his melon? Of never seeing a movie on a whim again? Of never having sex again?

Are you willing to talk about those fears and how it all turned out on national television? [Oops, maybe it's best you keep that last one all to yourself.] If so, drop me an email; there's someone who'd like to speak with you.

Totally unrelated: Fox Home Entertainment is looking for HOT DADS [like, um, David Hasselhoff]


Not really, yes, somewhat, YES, yep, affirmative and not a chance.

Why would anyone want to see my ugly mug on TV? I suppose it the sat me in a chair in the dark...

Yes, I had many of those fears. I was deathly afraid(still am) of delivery rooms and labor... My Wife ended up having an emergency C section (not my first choice either, but i was spared the hours of my wife blaming me for everything and the searing pain and the blood and the assorted nasty-ness). I had changed diapers before, but i was not prepared for the sheer volume of waste produced by that little six-pound bundle of joy. I was never afraid of dropping my son, however he has rolled off the bed more than once . My wife and I didnt have sex for SIX MONTHS after my son was born... it was torture. If I had known that ahead of time, i'm not sure i would have been so excited about having the child... however, our sex life has never been better since.

Hope this helps. Drop me a line anytime.

Matt mm0204 {at} earthlink {d0t} net

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