April 20, 2006

No Word Yet On Whether She Had An Epistemology

From The Sun, via the NY Post, via Gawker [Moratorium's still in effect; I'm merely reporting on the reporting, see? Huge diff.]:

Cruise stroked Holmes' face and held her hand to help her stay silent during the birth of their daughter, in accordance with Scientology guidelines, The Sun said. Holmes did have a pain-killing epidermal shot to help stifle her moans


Is epidermal the Scientology version of EPIDURAL?

And, is epistemology a new version of epiosiotomy? Though, I suppose it is of some value to question what we do really know about Suri's birth and how we *really* know it.

Now, don't be so arrogant as to think we are alone in the universe. Besides, there are plenty of placenta McNuggets for everyone. Just write that check to: L. Ron Hubbard, er, Scientology, er, TomKat...

There is genuine humor when people correct "epistemology" with "epiosiotomy". Don't worry, Greg, most of us get the joke. Epidermal... that's hilarious.

i'm amazed that a scientologist can actually stay quiet.

i wonder if after the birth two little scientologists came in and rattled off a series of questions from a checklist to katie before telling her that the results pointed to the birth being one of the lower percentiles on the happiness, confidence and strength ratings.

the baby was then handed to her with a series of information brochures which would help her become normal, happy person.

I'm just glad that she didn't need to have a cetacean section.

you daddy's are hysterical!

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