April 20, 2006

It's Hard Out There For A Captain

The kid's got a cold, so we've been dosing her lethargic self up on television, including The Wiggles this morning. Where my jaw dropped at a segment from the live show: Captain Feathersword cutting loose with a rock anthem called "Eagle Rock." [The song is on their 2004 live DVD, Hot Potatoes.]

He was really going at it, too, with out a trace of his "Ahoy there!" bufoonery, just raw garage rocking, mic gnawing energy.

Which struck me as totally and utterly sad. All this time, I thought Greg was the only Wiggle with musical aspirations beyond "New York Firefighter," [Check out GregPage.com], but no. Here's a guy who's totally trapped; he's making millions of $AU [I sure hope he's got equity], but craving to make a very different kind of music than what's expected/permitted of him.

And here's his big chance, and then a flock of dancers in chessy eagle costumes come out and start doing step class 101 behind him.

Just when I thought I was overanalyzing, I found this clip of the Captain doing an Eminem impression. Clearly, the man's crying out for help. [But he's not beyond help; check out this miraculous story of the original Blues Clues guy's transformation from preschool idol into credible indie musician.]

The saddest thing is, I'd rather have my kid groove along to someone who's singing from their soul, not someone who's just "singing down" to her. Luckily for Captain Feathersword, he's in the most easily replaced of the bunch.

Captain Feathersword as Eminem [youtube]
Related; check out this ancient Wiggles clip with Anthony as the Captain. totally budget [youtube]

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Duuuuuuude, that Greg Page site is unbelievable. I had no idea, really.

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