April 19, 2006

Two Placenta Recipes From Vice Magazine

If including the source in the headline is not warning enough, I'll put it more bluntly:

Daddy Types, LLC and daddytypes.com [herein "Daddy Types"] is in no way responsible for the content that appears on third-party sites, and by clicking on this link you [herein "The Reader"] hereby indemnify Daddy Types and me of any liability for any traumatic reading that may occur after you have left this site.

Now that that's out of the way: kebabs work better than tacos.

Baby-Cue! [viceland.com via gawker]


Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

Further recipes and fun things to do with your placenta can be found here;

Virtual Birth Center - Placenta suggestions

[technically, not my placenta, of course. guys, get your placentamaker's permission first. -ed.]


we made placenta lasagne from this ( warning: not for those squeemish at the sight of placentas ). of course, it tasted like chicken.


I can't help but doubt the authenticity of that picture. I don't know any pregnant woman whose legs look like that at the time of delivery...

Placenta is best eaten when still throbbing with blood flowing thru it. Then it gushes in your mouth like the chewing gum from long time ago.

Oh Vice Magazine, so 2003.

Here's something on placentas that is really funny:


[for all I know, that Vice story IS from 2003. But ouch. ;) -ed.]

it's not really as difficult as you might imagive to fake a homebirth. i'm surprised nobody has caught on until now :-)

Vice magazine is ... ok, I really shouldn't start.

Let's leave it at "I don't like it." and save ourselves the trouble.

Rumor has it that Tom is munching away as I write...must be one of those highly advanced Scientology things.


ahhhh - thanks for reminding me why i so love this thing called the interweb.

My God. I need a Unicorn moment after that link.D

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