April 19, 2006

Truth Be Told, This Is How They Roll, People

We interrupt this TomKat moratorium to bring you this important update:


Photographers take a picture of Baby Jogger delivered by the publicity firm Truth Be Told representing their client Baby Jogger in front of the house of actor Tom Cruise in Beverly Hills, Calif., Tuesday, April 18, 2006.
If only MI:3 weren't coincidentally opening worldwide next week--how can you plan for something like a birth, after all?--I would call this Baby Jogger appearance the Marketing Coup Of The Year So Far.

Congratulations to the fine professionals at Truth Be Told for this gifting coup.

Truth Be Told PR also provides a comprehensive range of publicity and marketing services to such industry leaders as The Palms Casino [Las Vegas]; ParadisePoker.com [the Internet]; world famous street musician Jimmy Luv [the street]; VH1 reality TV star Sir Ivan [...]; congestive heart failure technology developer CHF Technologies, Inc [Dallas]; and Thursday nights in 2003 at White Lotus [Cahuenga and Hollywood].

I now return you to your regularly scheduled TomKat-free zone

Paparazzi wheels courtesy Mercedes Benz of Manhattan Beach, ask for Rick. [image: AP/myway via dt reader matt]
Previously: Congratulations to Poshtots.com for their well-timed press release

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