April 19, 2006

Sesame Street Clips Roundup - WOW

In a thread on Metafilter, a bunch of people compiled a massive list of classic Sesame Street clips on YouTube. In a serious good karma move, J.D. has organized all the links into a single blog post. Clear the calendar....
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Truth Be Told, This Is How They Roll, People

We interrupt this TomKat moratorium to bring you this important update: Photographers take a picture of Baby Jogger delivered by the publicity firm Truth Be Told representing their client Baby Jogger in front of the house of actor Tom Cruise...
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Goodbye, Mick! Hello, Hootie! Mercedes Targets Young Families For R-Class

So as we already know, Mercedes has been giving mad incentives to move the R-Class, and even so, it's been falling short of original sales projections. Now it turns out they're refocusing their marketing efforts away from the original, intended...
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Two Placenta Recipes From Vice Magazine

If including the source in the headline is not warning enough, I'll put it more bluntly: Daddy Types, LLC and daddytypes.com [herein "Daddy Types"] is in no way responsible for the content that appears on third-party sites, and by clicking...
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Brooklyn: Great Place To Conceive, Wouldn't Want To Deliver There

I'm reading along in the NY Observer about how all the Park Slope baby boom is actually born in Manhattan, because that's where the "roving Starbuck's carts" [Lenox] and hydrotherapy-enhanced birthing centers [St Luke's] and cushy birthing suites are [NYU],...
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In Other Giant-Toys-Take-Over-World News...

optimus_prime_kunming Originally uploaded by daddytypes. DT reader Debbie Yamauchi was freaked out by giant Elmo, but not as freaked out as when she and her brother saw Optimus Prime in China:In Kunming, China there stands a 40 ft. statue...
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