April 18, 2006

Target Hot Shop Sports Treehugger Stuffbump

stuffbump.jpgI swear, that headline will make sense in just a minute.

Graham Hill, the green design guru behind Treehugger.com has just launched a product. It's a wall-mounted, soft item storage unit made of 100% wool felt and recycled cardboard. The felt web expands as necessary to hold scrunchable things like socks, clothes, and soft toys, then it folds back flat to stay out of the way. The whole thing is sourced and produced in some rigorously sustainable way, of course. And the name of this fine-looking object is the Stuffbump. It looks to be about 14x20 inches or so.

The Stuffbump is just barely going into production and distribution. At the moment, it feels like a little cottage industry. The first batch of Stuffbump production prototypes went on sale over the weekend at Target as part of their week-long "Red Hot Shops" promotion. The next batch is for sale at Perpetual Kid. Either way, it's an goodlooking, useful, sustainable, and independently produced, product that only costs $20. What's not to love?

Stuffbumps at Treehugger, Target
, and Perpetual Kids.

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