April 17, 2006

Adorable Humidifiers Shaped Like Animals

adorable_panda_humidifier.JPGWe're sort of moving out of humidifier season here in the Northeast; the last couple of months of winter/early spring, we had a humidifier/vaporizer in the kid's room a lot to help her not cough herself awake in the middle of the night. [Lots of colds and flu going around.]

Anyway, we used basically whatever humidifier was at Duane Reade at 11PM the first night we needed one. But with a little planning--and a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond, which is now across the street from us anyway--we could have ended up with one of these animal-shaped jobbies from Crane. They're actually called Adorable Humidifiers.

Start'em early, though, because I could just as easily imagine a slightly jumpy kid being freaked out by the vapor-belching frog in the corner of his room. [Also, is it just me, or does this panda look a lot like a polar bear?]
Crane Adorable Humidifiers, $29.99 [bedbathandbeyond.com via gizmodo]
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Target has those in addition to the Crane soccer ball and penguin versions. We have the frog one and it works really well (and moving Clara's old one to our room has helped with DH's snoring)

The best thing about the frog one is it vents out of his eyebrows so he looks really angry in a cartoonish sort of way :)

Awww, how cute! (def more polar bear than panda, I've not seen a white panda before :)

Wish we could get them here in the UK, could just do with one of those as my daughter has a horrible cold thing at the mo....

think I'll go do a search on google....

We have the elephant one, I can't believe how much steam it pumps out and the fact that you can leave it on for almost 20 hours without refilling the reservoir. Good stuff.

The elephant is where it's at, if only because the steam comes out the trunk.

And for an added bonus, if you put the top part on wrong, steam comes out all around the ears and face, like a benevolent hookah-smoking pachyderm.

- Zac

i have the frog one on my Target registry. My husband is a herpetologist, so I was excited to find this.

Have the frog here. Take the top off and crank the thing all the way up for a groovy smoke machine effect. Works best while blasting Bon-Jovi (or your favorite butt-rock) and head banging.

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