April 15, 2006

Two Years On, It's Still Her Favorite Vegetable

The kid eats pretty well, all tihngs considered. It's always funny to watch the reaction at a new restaurant, but at our regular places, the waiters are used to her ordering "enchilada please" and "pad thai, no shrimp no peanuts."

But it feels like she could always eat some more vegetables. But plain old vegetables just don't work. She ate pureed peas and carrots and squash back in the day, and she eats raw carrots fine, but almost no cooked vegetable will cross her lips these days.

There were these freeze dried vegetables from Muji, which she pounded, but the closest thing we've found--Whole Foods Veggie Chips--are made with canola oil and are surely about as good for you as a can of Pringles. [I'm still holding out for the twin holy grails of kids food: a full, healthy meal in chip or french fry format. And Kraft, while we're at it, would it kill you to add some vitamins or something--anything-- to the Jello?]

So it's nice to know that she'll still chow down on the Veggie Booty, which, if it weren't for the dusty green carpet it generates, would be the perfect food.


This isn't based on any baby knowledge, but have you tried swede mash?

We get the "Just Peas" and "Just Corn" freeze dried vegetables for our kid at Whole Foods.


We haven't branched out very far into the rest of their line yet, but the peas seem to be a winner with our 1 yo. I love that they're so portable for snacks on the go.

I was also going to tout the Just Tomatoes brand. My daughter really likes the Just Fruit Munchies

My son decided suddenly that it was okay to eat one green item - mukimame (shelled soybeans.) He eats those things like they are candy!

Seriously, the "just peas" are a staple of my 18-month-old's diet. Lots of crunch, and nothin' but the good stuff. In the same line, "Just Mango," "Just Bananas and Strawberries," and "Just Apricots" also bit hits.

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