April 13, 2006

Plush Gimp Pleather Gimp

gimp_plush.jpgYou know why babies are so cute? It's their giant heads on their little bodies. IT'S JUST SO CUTE.

And you know how you're always saying to yourself, "Aww, I bet if you made a doll of the Gimp from Pulp Fiction like that, with a giant head, and maybe a cute little zipper mouth with red satin inside, it'd be SO CUTE!"

Well, you were right. Cuddly Rigor Mortis is the classic horror film-meets-The Real World-meets Strawberry Shortcake collection of plush (and pleather) dolls that Kristin Tercek dreamed up somewhere in New Jersey.

Plush Mummy, Plush Zombie, Plush Tiki Lounge God, and Plush Gimp and their friends all live in some big spooky house or something. They make appearances at alt.craft fairs and in indie toy shops, and a few of them are available on etsy, the online crafty mall, too. If it weren't 8 months until Christmas, I'd be all over the Mr. Gingerbread [with a bite taken out of his head] and the Snowman [with one yellow foot] like pee on snow.

As with all handmade dolls and toys, these plushes haven't gone through government testing, so they all carry the "not for kids" warning, and at least in the case of the Punk Plush, who has real safety pins across his mouth, they mean it. Personally, I'd like my Gimp Plus/Pleather a little smaller--Tercek makes a few minis, too--but until then, these 13-inch bad boys'll do me just fine.

Cuddly Rigor Mortis website and online shop, where Plushes are $40
. [cuddlyrigormortis.com]
cuddlyrigormortis's etsy page, where she sells some one-off pieces, including prototypes and unique variations. [etsy.com]

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Hey there Greg/Daddy,
Thanks for the great comments on my work. I love it when someone really gets the 'Cuddly Rigor Mortis'-thing. Your description of Gimp is classic! Keep up the great work yourself--
All my best,
Kristin Tercek

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