April 13, 2006

Japanese Retail Update: First, Getting To Zero

Babies R Us Japan is pleased to announce the opening of their member rewards program, which enables customers to collect points, which they can redeem for valuable merchandise and offers and blah blah blah. It's called "the mama & baby club." Men who sign up start with a balance of -100 points. [mamababyclub.jp via babiesrus.jp]

On the bright side, Muji opened its biggest European store in Dusseldorf. On the dim side, they still probably don't have Muji Baby stuff. [mujionline.co.uk]

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Yeah, but they have a thing here for dads:

I'm too tired to read and translate the thing now, but I think being a good dad in Japan has something to do with using a very girly looking shopping bag, pictured lower right.

[here's the excite.jp translation, but wow. GTWD's have it easy; Japan's dealing with how to get NCHD's--Never Come Home Dads--involved in their kids' lives. -ed.]

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