April 12, 2006

Yonkers Junkie Gets Five Years For Boiling Kids

The baby daddy who punished his two kids (actually, one was from a previous baby daddy) by locking them in the bathroom with the hot water running--where they were basically scalded-and-drowned to death while the dad passed out after shooting up--copped a plea. Then the dude whined to the judge that, "wait, a 5-15 year sentence sounds too long, don't you think?? I'm not a monster like they portrayed me in the media. Well, there was that killing my kids thing, but that other stuff, no way!"

Indignant Father Gets 5 to 15 Years in the Death of 2 Toddlers [nyt]
Previously: Honey, I scalded the kids in my drug-induced stupor


I take comfort in knowing there's a special place in hell for him.

This verdict leaves me angry, appalled and majorly disappointed in the justice system!!! I am sorry to read from this that it means children are less valuable humans than adults. If the victims had been quadraplegics or elderly the perpetrators would have been looking at life without parole or the death sentence.

What really upsets me is that ONCE MORE it is clearly demonstrated that the child protective agencies of this state is vastly incompetent. I have a feeling that IF this were to happen to my children (under the care of others) or my grandchildren I would not only appeal this kind of verdict and make sure a vastly harsher punishment would be meted out BUT also make sure the cpa would have their caseworkers and managers indicted as guilty of accessory to murder.

Once again, children die because their parents are mindless idiots. These are the kind of people should have their children separated at birth from them. I am convinced these children could have grown up to have become productive members of society if placed in a loving foster family.

With hopes the father gets his punishment in jail and both will be castrated for their demonstrated ineptness at breeding,

ps. sorry for the incomprehensible rambling but this just breaks my heart...

Think of the moments those children spent in that boiling room. And here you have this deadbeat worrying about his reputation. Just disgusting.

The lefty in me wonders what possible punishment one could give to this man that would possibly make his life worse than it already is.

The father in me would like very much for him to suffer a horrible, slow death.

Great, it's not even 7:30am and already I've got an internal civil war.

I wish I had not read this entry.... I try to stay away from tabloids precisely because these kinds of crimes take a huge toll on my soulĶ honestly I do not understand the need to post about them.... (but I guess this is your space to ramble on)ĶĶoh how I wish I had not read this entry.

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