April 11, 2006

As Seen On The Streets Of Greenpoint

daddytype - 41
Originally uploaded by flynturnip.
This awesome photo of daddy type, baby, and Greenpoint street art just showed up in the daddytypes pool on flickr.

Says flynturnip, "props to the person who created the grocery ad graffiti. My favorite: 'Half-Hearted Hand Shake $1.75'" [which, through the magic of flickr, is right here.]

It occurs to me now that most of the time, it's not the dads taking pictures of daddy types and babies, it's the moms.

What do dads take pictures of? [Besides pregnant women holding their bellies?, of course.]


you mean dads other than Dutch? Because his pictures of Juniper are usually stunning.

flynturnip posted another really cool pic of him pushing the baby in the stroller (c'mon, what kind is it Greg???) as he's also loaded with a Christmas tree and a garland. Thanks for posting these pics on your blog. I think all daddytypes need celebrating on a regular basis!

Those fun signs were made by Stephen Powers, he made them last summer for that creative time sign event in coney island.

thanks jenn. been dying to know who did those since I saw them crop up.
micaela the stroller is just a combi and although it is no bug is very practical with it's one handed collapse for the 3-floor-walk-up-subway-commuting-working-stiff-kid. (there's a reason you never see a bugaboo in the subway).
p.s. did manage to take some of the pics, like this one, without the wifes invaluable help.

sorry to be one of the 25% double posters. must learn to ignore the error message.
now I will slink away in shame.

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