April 10, 2006

Warber: It's Dutch For Minimalist Hardwood Baby Furniture

Dreaming of our own childhoods, timeless children's furniture is born. with a loving feeling for natural materials that radiate an environment of warmth and freedom
I guess it just goes to show you, it's like a whole different country over there in Holland. Because when I dream of my childhood, I don't get visions of minimalist furniture made of hardwood planks, unadorned except for the natural grain of the elm, walnut, oak, and maple--and maybe a string of tiny perforations. No, I get visions of the Sears catalog.
Warber is a line of nursery furniture for that rarest of consumers, the Lutheran sensualist, who condemns ornament, decoration or fussiness, but who secretly lusts after the simple, severe lines and forms of modernism.

The signature pieces are probably the dressers, or the slatted wardrobes, but those aren't necessarily kids-only designs. The cribs don't do a whole lot for me, to be honest, but the junior bed is cool, and there's a narrow little creche that totally rocks. [I mean, it doesn't rock rock, but it rocks.] I hope it converts to a feeding trough for pashmina goats or something.

Because--brace yourself--prices start at around 1000 euros. In Europe. This is not your crappy department store veneered furniture. A few of the more lumber-looking pieces like the wardrobe remind me of a cleaned up version of Droog Design co-founder Piet Hein Eek's reclaimed wood furniture [which is even more expensive]. If you like this kind of thing, then this is definitely the kind of thing you'll like.

Warber is sold at a whole range of retailers in the Netherlands, a couple in Belgium, and for some reason, two Dutch-run baby shops in Spain. [warber.com via jan at kidsrepublic.nl]
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Don't Norwegian children bonk their heads on sharp corners and require stitches, or is it just stupid Americans, like oh say my own kid for instance, that do that?

[no their national health care system eliminated all such injuries soon after wwii. dutch, btw. -ed.]

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