April 10, 2006

Unidentified Local Man Drives A... What Is That Key? Anybody?


On Friday an unidentified Brooklyn man was seen toting his daughter to the car. The car seat is easy enough to identify--throw a rock in the Slope and you're sure to hit a Graco SnugRide [whether it's in Trek or not is another question.]

My question is, can you tell the car from the key remote? Because based on zip code alone, I'd have to say Prius or Subaru Forester. [image: people.com via trent]

For some reason, Babies R Us/Amazon doesn't stock the SnugRide in Trek, except as part of the Mosaic Travel System, $169 [amazon.com]


Doesn't look like the fob for our 2004 Prius... but maybe they've changed?

Looks like our 2002 allroad key as far as shape, not so sure about the icons on it though.

that's a key to a 7 series BMW

[whoa, you're right. I sure hope it's the automatic rear sunshades-standard 760 Li--for the baby's sake, I mean -ed.]

I think its time to get the kid out of that Sung-Ride, not only are the feet hanging off the end, but the kid is starting to ooze over the sides.

I was thinking the same thing, PapaUrchin. I notice babies that are too big for their carriers all over the place. My own sister-in-law keeps her kids in one until they are a year old! Way too big.

[i think that most of what's visible is a blanket, not a baby. And it's hard to tell from this angle, but the scientifical rule of thumb for "too big for their carriers" is actually where the kid's head is, not her feet. Still, it's definitely an issue that starts cropping up around 5-6 months... -ed.]

PapaUrchin and Amy -

The feet are allowed to hang off the end of the seat, as long as there is an inch of hard plastic above her head and she is under the weight limit she's fine.

I do find it irritating when I see parents with 18 month olds in the infant bucket and the kid is obviously too heavy and too tall. But the one pictured is just fine it appears!


[sorry, but the correct answer was "BMW 7-Series." Please read the question carefully before answering next time. -ed.]

I wouldn't know a thing about what kind of car he drives, but I would definitely say that Matilda, at 5 months old fits just fine in her snugride :O) Connor was 9 months old before he outgrew his... he was under the weight limit and though his feet stuck over the end a bit his head was a good inch under the top, and he hadn't reached the limited 29 inches yet.

However, like the others have said... I've seen my share of people carting around 13-14 month olds in those things and I am often tempted to go out and buy a carseat for them myself!

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