April 10, 2006

His & Her Push Presents? Jewelry With Babies On It

fancy_baby_cufflinks.jpgInspired by the tiny naked baby dolls that are hidden inside New Orleans king cakes [look it up], a Seattle jewelry company called Fancy has come up with a collection of jewelry featuring, what else, tiny naked babies.

If your baby mama is hip and offbeat--and you know she's not thinking "two months salary" for a push present--then you might want to consider the baby chain necklace, in sterling silver, for $300. If she's not even thinking "two months Netflix," there's a single sterling silver baby on a cable for $40, or a Baby holding a silver chain for $60.

And if you think you have a reward coming for all your hard work in the delivery room, then drop a hint about the sterling silver baby cuff links [$60]. Then after the reality sinks in, you can go back and buy them for yourself.

Fancy Baby Cufflinks, $60
[fancyjewels via bloggingbaby]
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I've heard of this phenomenon "push present" but I live in Berkeley and materialism is not tolerated. Neither is bottle-feeding.

Anyhow, can we change the name to be more inclusive? 25% of us would like to call it a "lay-still-and-be-sliced-open" present.

Motherhood has made me cheesy, so brand new dads, I recommend this with yo baby's name on it: http://www.girlshop.com/shop/girls/catalog/product.asp?pf%5Fid=CHM%2DLPJN1&bt=chm

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