April 10, 2006

Disturbing? The Peeps

peeps_gear.jpgI'm gonna go out on a limb and declare that around here, Peeps are and will remain a once-a-year, irresistible culinary temptation that you'll gorge yourself on and inevitably regret later. AND NO MORE.

So to whoever the Procter & Gamble refugee with the overworked MBA is who's pushing off-season Eggnog-flavored Peep-Snowmen on me, Stop.

The same goes for the squishy beanbaggy plush Peeps the kid pulled off the shelf at CVS the other day. And there will be no Peeps Gear in this house. Nor any Peeps Down In Peepsville coloring books, either. I'm putting you on notice, your ad money's no good around here, so go. Just go.

[PS It might work just. over. there. to the right, though, did you try over there? In that column?]

marshmallowpeeps.com [via boingboing]


Seems like that overworked MBA at P&G must be looking to tap into the "PTOTS" (People Too Old To Shroom) 45-65 demographic.

I guess if responsibility keeps you from seeing the "pink bunny" the old fashioned way, or you just have an odd fixation for late night munchies, just head over to Walgreens at 4:00am for your PeepFix(c).

Perhaps you should store a few in your Bugaboo, then spring them on the next aggro Mom you meet at the playground: "Ohhhh, and we brought extra pink bunnies to share with all the kids!" We can just call it "Dropping the Peep Bomb (c)."

as the daddy who got the fortunate opportunity to spend all of last summer drawing the 120 or so odd pages of little peeps in their little peeps world doing the things marshmellows without arms or legs manage to do, (and yes any editors comments and artnotes saying can they be holding balloons and waving goodbye were not trying to be funny and sarcastic), all I can say is

[sounds like someone could use a hug. Can Peeps give hugs? -ed.]

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