April 9, 2006

Other Daddies Typing: I'm A Total Slacker Edition

A roundup of highlights from dadblogs that, while admittedly incomplete, serves to demonstrate my own utter slackitude on the useful and entertaining information front lately:

  • First things first. I felt proud, even a little groundbreaking, when I did the DT Baby Formula Taste Test. But that was 2004. What have I done lately to top this investigative journalistic scoop?: "I visited about 30 stork rental web sites and noticed they had similar signs. It seems franchises are built around the lawn sign idea. Stork signs are turnkey businesses. Just buy the signs and then rent them out. Near as I can figure, three stork franchisers rule America's lawns. [thingamababy]
  • A fellow veteran of the Netto-only era, Modern Day Dad admits what we're all feeling: it's harder to stay ahead of the cool-modern-furniture-for-babies trend than it used to be. [moderndaydad]
  • On the bright side, though, there's a 10% off sale this week at DWR Jax. [dwr.com via mdd]
  • First, Che Onesies, now this. The Communist Threat continues, only instead of nukes, it's coming from giggling children wearing irresistibly cute pinko clothing. [patatamonkey]
  • FLASH: "Parent Bloggers Face Off"! Our correspondent from the front in the Mommy Wars/Daddy Wars reports that--oh, damn. Reasonable discussion has broken out between Rebel Dad and Leslie Morgan Steiner. [washingtonpost.com]
  • Even if you wanted to skip a post that starts with "Juniper in the alley next to Amoeba Records," there's an hour-long mixtape of kidmind-expanding tunes in it, so you might as well close Outlook right now. [sweetjuniper]
  • technically, not typed by a dad, but hey. (sm)all ages is a cool blog about cool children's music cool music for children, which is cool with me, even if it has Dan Zane in the sidebar. [(sm)all ages via dutch]

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